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The Collective was started by Chef Jacquelyn Jones, featured on the Food Network, founder of SolFood Collective and Starving and Single, to bring people together to share a beautiful afternoon of self-love, self-care, and connection. It embodies a variety of teachers and healers to help you connect your mind, body, soul, and spirit. Jacquelyn strongly believes that what we feed our mind is equally as important as what we feed our body. When you understand the mind and belly are connected, you can create an environment for the body to live in balance. Just as food is medicine and can prevent and cure disease, meditation can change the structure of your brain and microbiome. We at the Collective focus on teaching you how to make the connection and live a balanced life. To help you make the connection, we start off with a yoga and meditation class, followed by dining together at a communal table where Chef Jacquelyn serves a three course plant-based meal. All produce is organic, non-gmo, and sourced from our local farmers, and the meals are made from scratch with loving energy. Chef Jacquelyn shares her story on how she said no to chemo and healed herself using food as medicine, and the importance of gut health and meditation. She prepares a plant-based meal and explains the nutritional advantage in each dish, and sends you off with a recipe card on how to make one of the courses at home. When you spend the afternoon with us, you'll relax your mind, move your body, fill your belly, and feed your sol. It's an experience you don't want to miss.

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