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Cooking Class Sign Up

Welcome! I am so happy you want to take a class! This is going to be FUN!



  1. Make a donation via Venmo @solfoodcollective. Your donation signs you up for the class. In the "what's it for" box, put the name of the cooking class and your EMAIL. I need this in order to email your PDF with everything you need for class. 

  2. Get Zoom. From a laptop, go to and set up your account. Make sure your video and audio setting are turned on. If using your phone, download the app and do the same. 

  3. Before class is about to start, enter the Meeting ID. Give yourself time to log in and join class. 

  4. Please be on time!

Spinach + Mushroom Empanadas w/ Chimichurri

In this SolFood Collective Cooking Class you'll learn how to make empanadas and a zesty chimichurri sauce from scratch. Along with this, you'll learn the origin, history, and health benefits of this dish, my kitchen tips and tricks, and the importance of eating mindfully.


Cook with us on Zoom, Sunday, March 7th at 6pm ET, and learn step-by-step how to make this delicious dish, some fun food facts and health benefits, and join the discussion on how what you eat directly impacts your health. 

Spinach + Mushroom Empanadas
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