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Thank you for tuning in to WTOL 11 and watching my cooking segment! I will be a regular on Good Day, so be sure to check your inbox (or spam folder) for upcoming segments so you don’t miss any easy, plant-based dishes I have cooking. I look forward to sharing more healthy recipes with you. Enter your email address below and get today’s recipe!

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Did you know I offer vegan + organic meal prep? To enjoy healthy, organic, plant-based meals, you don’t need to do it all yourself. Order online and have delicious meals made for you! Menus are organic, vegan, and made with positive, healing energy. Packaging is eco-friendly :)


  1. Visit

  2. Make your selection by Friday.

  3. Pick up your order the following Tuesday. You will receive a text and email confirmation when your order is ready. Door code access info is detailed in your order confirmation. 

  4. Enjoy organic, nutrient-dense, plant-based meals you didn't have to cook!

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Thanks for your support, enjoy!

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